It’s a long journey of the Light

For about thirteen years I have been traveling around the world discovering stories through my cameras that, faithful companions, become the pens with which I draw a story.
And this is exactly what I do when two people ask me to be their photographer during one of the most important days of their life.
Wedding reportage photography is not easy, it is not something that all photographers can try. It requires commitment, study, dedication, love and care. Reading the situation in advance, seeing the light, moving without hindering the scene and catching every little detail and emotion.

I’m here to tell a story in the most genuine and natural way, without directing and without building images. I want to see and photograph every moment, like when the agitated groom tries to tie his tie, or when the bride is attacked by friends who are curious to see the ring, or the moment when the tears fall on the father’s face when he lets go the daughter on her way.
I want to see the fights at the buffet to grab the coolest sparkling wine on a sunny day by the lake, the beers raised to the sky and the screams of celebration, the dances at night with colored lights and fluttering clothes.
The hilarity, the sweetness, the real.

I look around for moments, turning them into unique images.
Memories of a special time.

Last Wedding Stories

– Mattia Cacciatori –

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